Balancing the Grocery Scales

To give farmers and their families ‘a fair go’, the Albanese Government on Monday has committed to adopting all eleven (11) recommendations of the Food and Grocery Code of Conduct Review 2023-24 (the Review).

Nuclear ‘Power Plays’

With the release of their long-awaited nuclear power plan, the Dutton Opposition has clearly indicated that they intend to make energy policy, climate change and power prices defining issues at the next election.

Will the AEC Sink Kylea Tink?

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has published its draft redrawn electoral boundaries for the next federal election. The AEC reviews the boundaries of electorates and decides on the abolition or creation of a new electorate in the pursuit of ensuring the number of enrolled voters represented by each member of parliament is roughly equal.

How China’s Pandas Praise and Punish

In 2007, two giant pandas, Wang Wang and Fu Ni, were on their way from China to Australia, and were recognised by then Chinese President Hu Jintao as ‘a symbol of friendship’ between the two nations.

Hypersonic Hype

It is the combined characteristics of high speed (reaching five times the speed of sound) and low altitude flight (below an altitude of 100km) that make hypersonic vehicles and weapons particularly formidable.

Is Putin Really Looking For An Exit Strategy?

Only a week ago, Reuters reported indications that Russian President Vladimir Putin might be ready to negotiate a ceasefire with Ukraine.