TWPG present the WHISKEY Multi Mission Reconnaissance at MDM2022

PPA was honoured to support Darren Schuback, Michelle Mrdjen, Ollie Sattin, Josh Iversen and Paul Kennedy of The Whiskey Project in presenting the WHISKEY Multi Mission Reconnaissance Craft to SECNAV Carlos Del Toro and Commander Marine Forces Reserve Lieutenant General Dave Bellon and their USMC colleagues at Modern Day Marine in Washington DC.

TWPG wrote:

“Facing increasing potential for conflict in the Indo-Pacific, the Whiskey-MMRC has been doctrinally designed for the modernized USMC to meet the urgent need for smaller, more agile, reliable, affordable and available combatant craft.

As military
veterans with experience of contemporary maritime operations — and the hard-won understanding of what is required for optimal performance in littoral and expeditionary ops — we have integrated advanced materials and new technologies into the Whiskey-MMRC, including the advanced hull design which reduces slamming impact.

Watercraft-related injuries are alarmingly common in maritime environments. The Whiskey-MMRC is designed to enhance safety for the warfighter, while delivering next-gen networked sensor systems and weaponry that increase platform mobility, interoperability and combat effectiveness.”

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